Programs offered by the college

CIMT plans to develop an educational project that will meet the hopes and expectations of both parents and students. This project will thus reflect the priorities of today’s families in selecting a school, including:

  • A safe environment
  • Proper discipline
  • Supervision and guidance
  • Monitoring of academic achievement
  • High academic requirements
  • Good atmosphere for studying
  • Access to higher education
  • An available, motivated and dedicated staff
  • Compatible values
  • Support for learning
  • Individualized follow-up
  • Sound parent-school relations
  • High-quality living environment
  • Stimulating educational and extracurricular activities

The College will offer the Cambridge IGCSE program to students wishing to take it. This provides outstanding opportunities for students to distinguish themselves when applying to higher education institutions internationally.

CIMT will also offer students the choice of two different streams of study:
Sports and International Studies.



The College will combine a rigorous academic program with sports activities. It intends to set up a sports-based program, using the outstanding infrastructure and sports expertise available at Mont-Tremblant. It will focus on cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, road cycling and mountain biking, triathlon, golf, tennis and rowing.

Young people today who seek high-level sports development must have leadership and organizational skills, and must be able to answer questions or defend an opinion. This means they need to be trained physically, psychologically, tactically and technically to perform well.

But more than anything else, students need a high-quality education that will allow them to put all of their results into perspective and easily find a place in society.

The program offered, combining academic and sports development, is based on values that recognize the importance of culture and rules of conduct in passing on knowledge and skills to students.

Beyond a high-level academic program, we offer a method of coaching young athletes according to their natural pace of learning, age, ability and goals. Our role is to empower youth by giving them the means to find their own solutions within clear and precise rules, so they will always know where they stand and what results they can achieve.

We believe that only the best teaching tools and materials will help athletes in their development, and only athletes who are well-prepared in body and spirit can succeed in a sports career or in society.

The program set up for the various sports disciplines will use the motor coordination profile, elementary rules of physics, video analysis, kinesiology, vision profiles, osteopathy and motivational  techniques.

The academic year will be divided into several terms. Tournaments or competitions will serve as both goals and rewards.

International program

Focusing on languages and culture

The international program includes the following activities:

  • Enrichment of French, and English as a second language, depending on the student’s first language
  • Learning a third language
  • Openness to different cultures, history, geography and literature
  • Cultural exchange activities, travel, communications and virtual forums

This program aims to:

  • Educate citizens of the world in culture, language and learning to live together
  • Build and strengthen the student’s sense of cultural identity and awareness
  • Recognize and develop universal values
  • Stimulate curiosity and enquiry in order to foster a spirit of discovery and an enjoyment in learning
  • Provide students with the skills to learn and acquire knowledge, individually or in a group; apply such knowledge and skills to a wide range of fields
  • Provide international content while responding to local needs and interests
  • Encourage diversity and flexibility in teaching methods
  • Provide appropriate forms of international assessment and benchmarking

In addition to obtaining a Secondary School Diploma (DES), students enrolled in this program may receive a certificate under the Cambridge IGCSE program.